"Have you not asked those who travel the roads, and do you not accept their testimony?" (Job 28:29)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Church and State?

IN ANY age, what is the relationship of church and state? Many erroneously believe that according to the US Constitution the two should be separate, with neither imposing its will on the other. This misconception often leads us to allow the church and its representative to be silenced in the public square. View my comments of this matter...

The Peace of the Lord be with you always!


Anonymous said...

It is my belief that the state is a compiled of its people. We the people are made of our beliefs. To me that is inseparable. As a Christian woman, God is in me. How I treat others, how I speak ,vote , live is a part of who I am in Christ.
The separation happens when we legislate freedoms of religion. We must not allow other religions to decide our beliefs. As we currently see the Muslims are given special treatment in schools. Jews and Christians are denied prayer. That kind of separation is discriminatory. It should not happen.
The separation of church and state was meant to keep an equal footing that no faith should singularly decide the fate of the nation.

TeeJay said...

First, I believe that an "Anonymous" Christian is one who sings "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus" while sitting on their duff in the back pew. Second, show me the Constitutional basis for the "Separation of Church and State".