"Have you not asked those who travel the roads, and do you not accept their testimony?" (Job 28:29)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Child Murder and More...

Murderous Ghouls!

Knowing that the overly liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and other Christian denominations will fund unborn child murder, please carefully consider this reading from our denomination's founder on the topic of abortion.
 This issue has become extremely contested since recent news that Planned Parenthood has not only provided such murderous service, but also ghoulishly sells embryo body parts to the highest bidder. We therefore strongly recommend that you read the article and then call or write to protest to your political representative.
The site is: http://evangelicalsforlife.com/?p=54

Monday, July 13, 2015

My Birthday Prayer...

Lord Jesus, you steer us gently, even when we sinfully deserve being struck from our high horses. I thank you Lord for the former, though I’ve often needed the last.
 Almighty God, during this my 73rd birthday celebration, I remember fondly the days since my 37th. In that time you’ve given me the love of a good wife, who stands by me in spite of new glasses… through which she now can see even more of my faults. I give you thanks that I have had four great children, both those close at home and some who yet walk as prodigal. May I live to see them all worship you rightly before you lay me down at the last.
 Blessed Savior, I indeed thank you for family, friends and acquaintances both near and far. I pray especially for some who have lost loved ones, that they may be comforted. For those who yet walk humbly in your Spirit, I ask that you give strength for coming days of turmoil and trouble, for all good comes from you.
 Creator of all, consider gracefully your daughter who bravely gave birth to her firstborn today. Though years separate her child and myself, show her your redeeming love, and baptize her child so that he may be raised strong in the Spirit. Allow your wisdom to guide another precious one, a young pregnant mother who just watched her father pass from her grasp. May the arrival of a gifted child help heal the loss of the other.
 Holy Spirit of healing, regard a nearby friend known to you who has fallen ill, whose step through the hills and forests he loves has been threatened and slowed. May your strong presence be whispered to him on the dark night winds, and proven greatly in the power of Holy Baptism and your Holy Meal.
 Guide the words spoken by my sisters and brothers in the faith that more should be caused to turn to grasp your forgiveness and pardon. May your Spirit echo the message of the first apostles in whose footsteps I am privileged to walk, May all of your servants thrive to tell of the good news of salvation given freely through Jesus Christ’s death and Resurrection. I humbly ask, that any who read these words this day be so compelled by your grace that they quickly turn from the darkness into your Light.
 Above all, blessed Lord, I thank you for the days of my life, and boldly ask for usefulness in future days so that your sweet love shall be known afar. In the name of Jesus Christ, I humbly pray these birthday wishes. Let the heavens resound with “Amen!”


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Transitional Times?

FINDING OURSELVES often stranded in unstable and perilous times, we need concentrate when the opportunity arises to celebrate. When called to do so, let's aim to freely celebrate for the right reasons. Check out this offering on just what we mean...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Call of the Huckster...

Check out our recent posting for June on the MotorSage website. Discussed are the fruits of labors and labors of love.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fishing Ford?

EVERYDAY evangelism can be a lifestyle that includes casting a wide screen, and the kingdom's nets. See how to cast about...

Sometimes we need to go into the wide evil ditch to gather abundance for the church.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Driving thru Easter!

AN EASTER video message from the ministry of MotorSage promotes a heated topic. Put your focus on Christian evangelism and the disciple's life. Check us out on:

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Evil Surely Enough!

Sisters and Brothers in Christ;

Having just received a picture of Coptic Christian children slain by Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, I feel it long past time for the church in America to gather its vocal power. We are a people saved by God's Word! Therefore we are called by the love of Christ Jesus sacrificed and Risen, to voice our power as voting American citizens to halt this horrible and sadistic religious travesty.

 Now there have been voices that say we should not show these stark pictures in the public square. I disagree. We Christians and all people of peace should see them. We should study each murdered child's face. We should examine the unspeakable anquish on the mother's face that reveals a depth of pain that cannot be caught by human lens.
 But let's not restrict our examination or comments to social media such as Facebook or Twitter! Let us also collectively and immediately call, email and write our governmental representatives, Senators and even our President. Tell them in the name of our loving God, who is alone holy, that we protest the lack of solid US response to this evil. While we decry our own sinfulness, we are called by Christ and so shout righteous outrage from the platform and pulpits of the Christian church.
 Our US president has tried to deflect the rising wail of those beheaded and burned to death by blaming social ills of poverty and ignorance as root, rather than risking focusing attention on the modern aberration of a violent religious mindset. His motivations for this erroneous position are hidden, and widely disputed. I fear that history will not judge him lightly.
 Irregardless of his leadership or lack of it, I give to you that same lament as a recent voice in history. Dietrich Bonhoeffer said to those seeing the rise of murderous Nazi powers during WWII that... if a person remains silent when evil rages and does nothing to stop it... that one is part of the evil!
  Let us pray for guidance then... and not shrink from railing against the Satanic! For those who wish to read more of our Christian right and responsibility to do such activities, please read the previous article I wrote on the topic of war. We need statements from our denominational leaders, from individual pastors, and from those that hear the Word of Law and Gospel proclaimed while seated in the pews...

I beg you to act on this issue quickly with great fear and trembling. Prayerfully offer your service before God. Please send this message to any and all Christians that you know who yet live in right scriptural mind.

                                                                              Blessings... Pastor Tom