"Have you not asked those who travel the roads, and do you not accept their testimony?" (Job 28:29)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Same-Sex Marriage and the Church

OUR MEDIA crackles with news about growing approvals in American state legislatures concerning Same-Sex Marriage. Repeated turmoil comes out of politically progressive states such as California. Some states, like New York, have already moved to legally permit such unions.., thus putting clergy in rather delicate conversation with non-heterosexual couples about their expressed reluctance to perform such ritual. Conversations about this matter, and any resultant refusals to perform said ceremony have brought several lawsuits to the fore.

My own denomination has thankfully already stated its position against such matters, citing that heterosexual marriage is the only human sexual union that is scripturally supported. The statement, at present, legally protects my right to provide refusal. However, this last statement does not necessarily provide for me, as a pastor, an argument for pointed justification on our position to valued persons within our society. Greater clarity is needed whenever questions arise from persons who cite that an American majority approves of such legal relationships. In considering the point, and others often expressed, I can now turn you to a recently received article published for English churches, which may help many American clergy who ponder answers for the same issue. I offer that article to you now…

Several good points are raised by the author, that leaders and laypersons of the church in this or any other nation should not join a sinful, yet progressive “going-along-with-ness” in order to “get-along-with” an impetus of our society. We are called as God’s people by the Word of scripture alone, over and above any local, state, or national government mandate. Therefore, let us study scripture.., and be ready to answer concerning the faith that is within us.