"Have you not asked those who travel the roads, and do you not accept their testimony?" (Job 28:29)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fuels and Fools...

AN EXAMINATION of automotive news this week revealed to me that yet another of the entrepreneurial efforts of the President of the United States' ecological investments has gone belly up. The Fisker electric automobile manufacturer in Norway is ceasing production of its sports car. The vehicle, which I shall pejoratively call the Fisker Flounder, shall not be a part of our picture for an ecologically pure, motoring future. Deletions from a future marketplace, though I deemed this as predictable, heightens our thoughts about future dialogue needed. These are discussions that should be taking place within an ecological crisis and lessening of non-renewable fuel supply. This latter couplet is due to continuing subjective ethics within modern technological, industrial societies.

 I tender that recent discovery of large deposits of shale oil in Canada and the US, and their development have spurred great disregard within the transportation and energy distribution industries, slowing progress toward developing long term clean, cheap alternative fuel technologies for society. This matter should be cooking on the front burner of our modern stove, whether the stove is electric or hydrocarbon burning.
 In the electric car or hydrocarbon fuel dilemma, some technologically-challenged but lobby-influenced politicians went with big spoon toward financing electric car developments a decade ago. If these bottom feeders had only gone up the supply food chain they would have eventually arrived at electric power resources that also have predominant operational basis in non-renewable, hydrocarbon productions. I fear that when we get to the bottom of the hydrocarbon pot, which we shall certainly do in future generations, shortages of energy supply will still trigger world-wide chaos.

A Broken Pot?
Thus a marked decline of interest seems now expressed for such as hydrogen as automotive fuel. This fuel bubbled downward in research interest since recent years. The energy taste is thus salted though hydrogen as fuel for many prime movers is abundantly available in nature, can burn efficiently in automotive engines, and provides adequate vehicle power with only water vapor as its major exhaust by-product.
As well, hydrogen sourcing does not impact negatively upon Third World agriculture. I ask then, why the declining interest in doing research on this readily available and clean fuel? We already have vehicles, aside from high-tech hydrogen consuming fuel cell electric cars, that will burn this clean and renewable fuel in combustion engines. It is published fact that within the last decade, BMW marketed a vehicle that would run on either gasoline or hydrogen fuel. As well Mazda, of rotary engine fame, has built wildly successful hydrogen-powered rotary prototypes that go “Hmmm…”
 The bubbling pot remains, however, though present methanol and ethanol fuels are known for high levels of alehyde-based air pollution, and negatively impact the agricultural scene of sugar cane producing Third Word countries... resulting in known competition for food producing acreage to feed the Third World's poor.
 We note also that recent political conversations have been derogatory concerning promoting other bio-fuels. Within the last decade, profound advances have been made in the southern US, in the production and refining of algae-produced hydrocarbons. One of the higher agendas of the present government’s administration has been toward development of this potential. When fully developed, within a decade, farms could be established which convert sunlight into hydrocarbon fuels using this beneficial bio-tech research. Yet I hear derogatory comments coming from the political realm. I even admit that some of these blasphemous comments come from my own party allegiances…likely financed by the thickening starches of lobbying donations spewing from present fuel suppliers.
 Why the reluctance to promote and invest in this promising technology? At this point in time, I can only offer that the recent, profitable fracking frenzy fills the need for viable fuel for a near future. Additionally, the cost of refining this fuel remains less than research for the alternatives. Combine this with bio-hazard warnings that are politically squelched, though nearness to a fracking site may deliver a tap water smelling like a pungent sauerkraut boil, you are left with a recipe for future disaster. My present guess, therefore, is that reluctance to get us past this technology rests in the arena of profitability. Money seems the root of all fuelish evil.

Taste the Stew!
Consider that bio-fuel emergence would lower existing fuel demands, and change the price of these naturally-produced oil products, thus making recent infrastructure investments in hydrocarbon gaseous and liquid fuel production as moot. As well, the expenses associated with converting our societal fuel infrastructure to gaseous hydrogen would also impinge large corporation profits. Any competent chemical engineer can relate that dispensing of gaseous hydrogen requires quite different handling, shipping and pumping equipment that is now present in our liquid fuel transport industry. You can see that profitability in such delivery methods as the proposed Midwest pipeline would be less certain. In other words, the economic forces at work in our present day, make a profit by continuing and developing ecologically harmful technological structures within the multi-national industrial complex. They wish to simply expand traditional fuels and improve distribution methods. By maintaining such patterns, these economic powers sacrifice our life quality for many generations to come, unless they begin to regard present energy delivery infrastructure as stepping stones toward cleaner and more sustainable fuel supply.

Theological Thoughts!
Two commandments thus lift my hood and boil my cooker today. As a Christian, my calling is to first love God, and also love my neighbor. Both are dependent on my listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, given to me through the power of revealed scriptures. In this, I must refer first to the Law that condemns us. In these I find that we are convicted in our consumptive guilt of God’s gifts in creation. We are like a household scourge who simply sits at table as the pot grows lean, bellowing “More meat!”
 My opinion is that technological powers within the modern world are not guided by a stable, transcendent social ethic. Any ecological attitude now extant within the corporate operates in a subjective system of profit, based tenuously within wide and changing multi-national legalities. These are often far removed from true, ecologically-responsible values. It is, therefore, my proposal that this abysmal lack of a transcendent, ecologically sound ethic should be addressed by the Christian church. One of our mandated instructions from Jesus Christ was to love one another. To do this task of love properly, therefore, we must include the welfare of those in Third World nations, and our own generations to come.
 We in the church are called to engage the scientific and technological communities in ethical dialog. If these powers in society refuse to embrace said dialog, as offered for the future good of all, it should cause the whole church to condemn these reluctant powers. This should be done through the focus of Divine Law upon harmful technological deeds or lack thereof.
 We are thus admonished by the Decalogue to work for our neighbor’s good. While surely delivered from condemnation by Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf, we are yet called to preserve life… to go and sin no more. We are to love society toward God’s formative future. It is our task now to challenge the many devils of corporate reluctance in the public square.
 In the “household” of God, therefore, a word which comes from the Greek “oikiomene” or “economy”, I say that this matter can no longer be spooned into the garbage disposal of church history. We shall not find our talents hidden there. In future conversations, whether soft or harsh, let us move from the Law toward the fruitfulness of the Gospel… the good news of a warm and mobile future in Christ Jesus.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Infant Mortality for Gain...

PROGRESSIVE AND LIBERAL POWERS today, expressed in both religion and state, offer the mortality of weaker persons in our society upon altars yet formed by ancient gods. With a selective focus in the modern world using tactics that remind us of Nazi experiments and genocidal manias in Eastern Europe and Africa, we find that the populations most impacted by this horrendous modern ideology are the unborn and very young. This is tied to the inability of this segment of our population to voice complaint. Others segments of our population, namely elders and geriatric... though similarly attacked by our cannibalistic society... normally do have some resources to express when they are made victims of persecution.

 Another important fact often escapes us.. our quietude leads us to wrestle with such alarm only as we challenge rapacious abortion facilities. Consequently, we need to examine the roots of the problem. We need only look at our human history to find the flaw. Viewing human history, we find a glaring reflection. A horrid furrow ploughed deep into our society is highlighted. We become aware that murder of these helpless children has been a stalwart of human depravity for eons of time.
 You see, we find that ancient biblical record reveals the practices of rampant child murder in societies that existed centuries ago... often given the gratuitous title of “sacrifice”. The act was a method of deity appeasement during ancient times. As biblical witnesses describe, the thunder gods Marduk and Ba’al Hammon were thought to be persuaded by such horrid practices. Though both nature gods were just natural occurrence that we moderns know as thunderstorms, the upshot was that depending on the weather conditions of such as land and sea in Canaan, a nature god would seasonally roll in upon the land toward pre-scientific peoples from the Mediterranean Sea, or similar bodies of water. By doing so they would quench the thirst of the land for a bountiful spring planting.
 However, if the wind blown storm god entourage did not show with its attending royal goddesses, named in the Canaan realm as Astarte and Tannit (thunder and lightning), and thus water the land for a good crop like a bull urinating on a flat rock... some satanic priest would say that something needed to be done to lure the deity’s attention.
 When rain did not fall, being pre-scientific... but not stupid, the priest divined, “Let’s sacrifice something to get Ba’al’s attention.” There was not enough food, but surely there were plenty of relatively insignificant crumb snatcher’s running around playing with dradles. These were already too many to feed if the society's sacrifice idea didn’t work, so child sacrifice would be repeated again, and again, etc. It was done repeatedly to offer up blood and bones, and sometimes by virtue of weather patterns... it worked. The rain would come. Thus as time rolled on, the practice of child sacrifice grew, entrenched satanically by such as Beel-ze-bul into the ancient cultures.
 To be sure, even when not always successful in bringing rain, the blood and body of a child spilled out on the ground in a religious ceremony did save food that would have been consumed by that child. The food was preserved for those other villagers deemed more worthy because they would have bodily strength for the next planting. The ancients would just keep doing this child sacrifice horror until either the god paid attention, bringing rain.., or the lesser population would make food shortages a moot point because there were just not as many persons left around to feed.

Mot and Worms of Destruction…
How widespread was this phenomenon? Very wide! In ancient Persia, Babylon and Canaan, fickle Marduk was courted and cantankerous Ba’al Hammon was also invited. In the Mediterranean arena, Isis, Osirus and Mot were wooed in Egypt to a rain dance for the crop cycle. In the pantheon of the northern Africa, we read that the ancient gods Ba’al Hammon, Astarte, and Tannit and other deities were enticed for grape crop success. You see, even wine goddesses of the very early Greeks and Roman cultures did the same until those cultures realized that the practice was deleterious to the growth of their armies.
 How far did this human sacrifice go? Records of such activities echo into Germanic, Teutonic, Nordic, Slavic civilizations, and others farther removed. We see in this historical study then, that widespread child sacrifice was done very early in history.
 We then may ask ourselves, "Is it any wonder that this murderous practice still persists in our scientific era?" Children are still being “sacrificed” to the gods of prosperity, whether the economic aim is personal, national, or international, and not necessarily agricultural.
 The recent, and too long enduring massacre of children by such as abortionist Dr. Gosnell under the State of Pennsylvania’s nose, is surely based in this economically motivated agency. He and others profited greatly by continued child sacrifice. It was a racially and class biased eradication of societal “crumb snatchers” by political powers, continuing so that persons in this nation may be wooed and secure with bigger, better housing, nice cars, and many fields for employment and gain. Many since infamous abortion promoters such as eugenics promoter Margaret Sanger, yet query, “Why should a modern, progressive population allow the birth of a child, when their un-tethered preschool tuition could be used as down payment for a golf club membership or new convertible?”
 Is the travesty that blatant? Yes indeed, but clothed in satanic forms. Author Ann Coulter noted the various means of subterfuge that these murderous and self-centered powers exert. They are devious  and should be known by anyone with concern. You can find them discussed in her book. Click here to view her work...

How Should Christians Respond?
Where should Hebrew and Christian world views differ from this inherited nature deity appeasement? The revelation of God’s mindset as to our faith walk on this matter begins partly through the story of Abraham and Isaac. The scripture reveals to us that father and son were called by God to go up on Mount Moriah. Faith history tells the mountaintop scene of potential child sacrifice, designed both as a test for the fidelity of Jehovah’s servant and revelation of God's deliverance. God intervenes before Abraham’s knife saps his son’s life, saying that Abraham should withhold the slaying… and God substituted a goat as blood sacrifice. God then states to his servant..,

 "By myself I have sworn, says the Lord, because you have done this, and have not withheld your son, your only son, I will indeed bless you, and I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore. And your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies, and by your descendants shall all the nations of the earth bless themselves, because you have obeyed my voice." (Genesis 22:17)

 We note here that amid the unfolding of subsequent covenant history, instead of child sacrifice for the benefit of his nomadic people, God substitutes his own sacrifice. The faith history of Israel shows our God as a benevolent, creative deity that provides plenteous population growth. In this way the faithful will survive amid wars and the warp and woof of civilizations… until the time of Christ’s birth and beyond. Therefore in the flow of history, once and for all, Christ Jesus is finally made the “one and only, all time” child sacrifice for eternal survival and the prosperity of faithful humanity.

 With this history therefore, as Christians we should point out sinfulness and economic practices that say we need to sacrifice precious children to the faux gods of our own profitability. In fact, we must protest and witness that the love of our Creator indicates that just the opposite is true, in our God’s mandate he says that “Thou shall not kill.”
 The only begotten, eternally living Son of God, Jesus Christ, sacrificed himself so that his church might grow across the world.. The kingdom of God should not have its numerical growth hampered by those in the body politic who grow richer by stealing the inheritance of a murdered, future community in Christ.
 In this proper work of faith, therefore, we are freed from our dependence on the gods of crops, houses, cars, and other possessions. We are called to rightfully use these things, and not make them our masters. Our task is to further the work of Christ’s kingdom. We are also called to voice condemnation and march against on those who would snip the spine of children in the quest of satanic pursuits. We are called to birth, baptize, raise, educate and commune these silent and vulnerable children. This is where the people of God, in his one, holy apostolic church, should rightly stand… this is where we Christians need to stand firmly.